Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple Routinely Notify Users On Government Request

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With the Edward Snowden leaks reports, many of the users are aware of the NSA activity of spying on them. This is fact and it is worse condition as the freedom to speak over internet is not getting. Many time it is being reported that some of the organisation is supporting NSA for the data of the users. As like RSA, Apple, have left a loophole on its products for NSA, but all this claims has been denied by them. And earlier a Pro hackers group, Syrian Electronic Army have also leaked some of the documents that shows that Microsoft sell the users data to authorities.

Regarding this some of the internet and tech giants companies have came up together and l form a Reform Government Surveillance group, an organization to push the activity of the US government surveillance in response for NSA. Form last year they have started publishing a Transparency reports also as quarterly. Transparency reports shows the number of request made by the authorities and government for the users secret information.

According with the Washington Post reports, that tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google will now be updating their policies which will now include routine notification to their users whenever the authorities request secret data from them. This does not mean that these tech companies won’t comply with requests, but it’s so that their users are aware of what’s going on.

Naturally such a move has been criticized by the Justice Department who claims that such a move could tip off criminals. According to the department’s spokesman, Peter Carr,
“These risks of endangering life, risking destruction of evidence, or allowing suspects to flee or intimidate witnesses are not merely hypothetical, but unfortunately routine.”
This is another step by the tech companies to be more transparent and loyal to its users. So whats your point of view on this, as this move is good or bad ? Will you appreciate these notifications, or do you agree that it could compromise investigations?
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