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Security firm RSA took millions from NSA

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NSA and Edward Snowden, are not the new to all of us. And today once again, Edward Snowden had leaked the data that stats that, respected Encryption company RSA, have cheated there user by forwarding the helping hand to NSA organisation.
According to the exclusive reports published by the Reuters, stats that, RSA have the secret deal with the NSA. Where RSA have implement a flawed security standard as the default protocol in its products.

Earlier also Snowden have leaks many reveled that NSA have created flawed a random number generation system (Dual_EC_DRBG), Dual Elliptic Curve, which RSA used in its Bsafe security tool. Now once again the latest leaks shows that NSA gave $10 Million to RSA for keeping encryption week.

This is shameful for any reputed security company, as they have cheated there users. Bad cryptographic standard is one thing, but accepting 10 million to deliberately implement is really shameful. This creates the loss of trust over the security firm by its users.

By this activity by the trusted firm, can you all rely on other security firm..???
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