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Syrian Electronic Army claimed to hack U.S Central Command and threaten to leak Documents

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Once again a pro hacker group "Syrian Electronic Army" is going to show there presence on the cyber world, and proving that the cyber war may not be finished yet.  the strong supporter of president Bashar al-Assad, have posted a new thing on its official twitter account. As lastly SEA hacker have hacked Forbes Magazine have leaked million of the users credentials publicly over the internet.

As per the recent tweet by the hackers, which claims that they are targeting U.S Central Command (CENTCOM). On the twitter hacker have posted the screenshots which claims that they have compromised central repository of CENTCOM.

According to the screenshots, its claims that hacker have hacked into the repository of Army Knowledge Online (AKO), which is responsible serve web-based enterprise information services to the United States Army, joint, and Department of Defense customers.

Yesterday, SEA hackers says that they will be going to leak hundred of documents. And on the next tweet they have mention that they have successfully Penetrate many central repositories.

The reason behind the attack was due to Obama's decision to attack Syria with electronic warfare.
At this time it is not been cleared that Hackers Group has successfully compromised CENTCOM central repository or AKO or both.

At the end of February SEA hacker have warned via tweet that the entire US command structure was a house of cards from the start, says on twitter.

SEA hackers are pro in hacking with advanced phishing attacks and they have already targeted number of the major organisation and firm such as Microsoft, Paypal and Ebay, and Obama's. Additionally they targeted many of the online media also as like New York time, Forbes CNN
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