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Forbes hacked by Syrian Electronic Army [Update]

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Once again Popular Pro hackers group "Syrian Electronic Army" have made a another breached. Just an hour ago, Syrian Electronic Army have hacked the the leading American business magazine "Forbes".  Hacker have  posted the post with the Title saying " Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army"

Hackers have managed to gained access to the administrative panel of the Forbes site. This is not new thing that how hackers have gained access to the Administrative Credential. As like earlier hackers have  gained access to credentials after sending phishing emails to the targeted organization’s employees.

On the twitter Syrian Electronic Army have confirmed the hacked of the Forbes and twitted some of the screenshots also. (That you can see above also)
The hackers have hijacked three Twitter accounts belonging to Forbes and its employees: @samsharf, @ForbesTech, @TheAlexKnapp. At the time of writing, only the one of Samantha Sharf shows a “Syrian Electronic Army Was Here” messages.

Syrian Electronic Army have confirmed that, they have not done any damage to site after that of post. Reason for hacking the Forbes is "publication have posted many articles against the SEA with much hate for Syria"


On the recent tweet, Syrian Electronic Army hackers have claims that they have successfully dumped the database of the Forbes. On the Screenshot hackers say that, they have successfully gained the 1,071,963 user-email-password . This is an unusual move by Syrian Electronic Army in which they are selling the credentials details that they have gained.

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