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3 Application for the security

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There are many apps in the internet for many fields, and all for them have their own category. As I have already discuss some of the important apps for Android, iOS and mobiles. Here i will give you  3 apps that can help you in the security of home as well business also.

1. Control your home  security, energy and comfort with the Honey Well Total Connect app

This is Remote Connected Interactive Service that can help you in the security of your home and business. With the help of this apps you can view  live videos of the home or business form any where / outside the premises. This app is available for the Apple iPhoneiPadiPad touch platform.
This will also help to control lightsThermostater, and Locks. By this you can save Money, energy and utility bills.
Cost:- Free
Category:- Productivity, Lifestyle
Author:- Honeywell
Platform:- iOS, Android
Download:- HERE

2. Protect your children from Cyber bullying with Word bully Application

Now a days Cyber bullying is getting common. Children who uses mobile phones, simultaneously becomes the victim of the cyber bullying. With the help of this app, parents can customize a filter by which they can make a view on the offensive, theoretical, and vulgar language that are using on the phones. With the help of inbuilt GPS service, parents can trace the location of their children with it. Now this app is available only for Android but its iOS version is also coming soon.
Cost:- $9.99
Category:- Safety, Family, Children
Author:- Iconosys, Inc.
Platform:- Android 
Download:- HERE

3. MatchCal is the social calendar you have been waiting for

MatchCall is the calender that provide a comprehensive information to the users that are interested in the local , national and global exhibition. With the help of this app user can get the detail information about all the users that are attending the exhibition. Additional, it provides the information regarding the suppliers, dealers, designer, event location, and time. 
Cost:- Free
Category:- Social Networking
Author:- Web Think Corporation
Platform:- iOS
Download:- HERE
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