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Protect Your Data password safe in phones

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As a week ago I have write a post on how you can keep your data, information or password safely. Read here. That I have wrote for Windows users. So here I will give brief on keeping you data safe in phones.

For Androids Phones

1) File Locker:- File Locker have its own browser. It can encrypt or decrypt files of any sizes. Users can open the files on the app windows only. If sometime files may get left unlocked then, this app give reminder to the users for locking it. It is free and downloaded from play store.
Download HERE

2) Pocket:- On Pocket app user can store lots of important data as like website login details, Bank accounts details, Credit card information etc...
To access  all these data and information you have to set a master password for it.
Download HERE

For Iphones

1) Enlume:- Iphone users can take a help of Enlume Password Manager to keep inportan password or information in the different category. Because of this search process gets easier. In Enlume users can access through the master password. If users puts or enters wrong password then it get blocked for 24 hours.
Download HERE

2) The Vault:- The Vault is the one of the best app for Iphone  Users can keep login and important data securely. Users can store photographs and movie also in The Vault. It also a free app.
Download HERE

3) Password Manager:- Password Manager works like a secure server. It store the password while entered by users on web surfing. Users can create favourite list of the password and also share with other users too. If the any one access the password or try to change it then, apps simply send the alert. This can be downloaded from Blackberry app store.
Download HERE

For Symbian Phones

1) Lock Me:-  This is the best application for the Symbian users. There are lots of option in it. In this users can keep their data safe, along with users can set a privacy on others application also. This means nobody can access your gallery or message box without your permission. Additionally it can locks other item too like as contacts, call logs, Notes, emails, camera etc.. This apps is available for free download.
Download HERE or HERE

2) Smart Store Free:- Symbian users can store there email, online banking options, passport details in it. Users can access these data through a master password.
Download HERE

For Windows Phone

1) Password Manager:- Password manager is the first app for the Microsoft latest windows phone Mango OS. Users can make their device safe and additionally user can syn the device also. For this Microsoft collaborate with drop box.  In this users can encrypt the passwords in  256 bits. In this users can access the data through a master password from around the world. 
Officail Site:-
Download HERE  
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