Apple iPad mini

There is a good news for ipad lover that, Apple is Launching its another awesome product, "ipad mini".
In the feild of technology all tech lover wants somethings latest and better. If we talk about ipad then Apple has also made itself to go longer and higher on the market. The feature of ipad mini is increasing the curosity of the customer.

This gadgets have many features that can attract the customer and it is very new in world of technology.
We know that all you have some curiosity in your heart that what are  the features of this gadgets.
Lets know more on this upcoming and most awaited ipad.
1) It would be either like iphone or  ipad  touch.
   The looks of this ipad is different from the other iPad. Its looks and design is like a I-phone or a Ipad touch. Its thickness is only 9.4mm where as compare to othere iPad, it should be 7.2mm.
2) Smaller dock port for slimmer ipad
    There is the chance for its dock port which is comparatively smaller, which shows that the gadget will be slimmer. The number of pin will be in between 19 to 8 only.
3) More than the seven inches screen display.
    Dispaly is always be a important feature of any ipad gadgets. In market, the available ipads and tabs have 7inch of dispaly. But in comparison to them there is a chance that ipad mini will have its display about 7.85 inches.
4) Lighter on Pocket.
    Regarding Apple, the price of its product is simple important. But this time there is a chance on this ipad that its price is quite     affordable rangeing from Rs 11000 (INR) to Rs 14000 (INR).
5) Latest operating System.
    As we know that Apple have launched its latest operating system "iso 6" on June 2012. So                 there is the chance that this Ipad mini will be based on this OS. Because of this it will have 200 new features and inspite of this it will have Quad core processor on which it will be running, and which will have the facilities of  NFC USB and Thunderbolt also.

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