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Some Apps you should have on your Andriod

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As there are tones of apps available on the internet. Just you have to go Google play store or iTunes and download it. Earlier I have post some Android apps that helps to make your Android rocking. Read here. So here I will tell you some of the basic apps that you should have on you Android phones.

1) Genius Scan:- This apps turns your device into a scanner. and with the help of you can create a digital copy of any documents. It is not a free apps but that is one of the nice apps for Android.
Download HERE

2) Finger print scanner Lock:- On focusing on security, this apps is very much useful to you. This apps protect your files and information safe from unauthorized access. This apps needs you finger print to be access, and it is quite interesting and reliable.
 Download HERE

3) Beat Bang:- This apps is specially for the music lover. With the help of this apps users can download songs that are older than 20 years also. And additionally users can read articles on their favorite musicians or singers also.
Download HERE

4) Sketch Guru:- This apps help you to make your photos more interesting. This apps changes your normal pictures into 13 different sketch effects. And you can directly share your pictures into social networks as like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus+.
Download HERE

5) WiFi- Finder:- As this apps is giving detail by its name only. This apps search Wifi Network around you. It creates WiFi hotspots and give the information of the WiFi network which is much closer to you.
Download HERE

6) Change my voice:- This is very much interesting apps. By this you can change your voice or any saved audio files in the tone of cat, robot voice, men or women.
Download HERE
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