'Happy Thanksgiving!': Syrian Electronic Army hacked Western media sites

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Remember pro hackers group "Syrian Electronic Army" (SEA), once again they are back with there high profiled hacks. After a long keeping silent SEA hackers have once again shows there presence and this time also they have targeted one of the high profiled site.

Yesterday, SEA hackers have hacked US costumer identity management platform, "Gigya" which is used by many of the popular media sites.

Same like always SEA hackers have tweeted about there hack and also posted the hacked domain control panel of the Gigya.

SEA hackers have hacked the domain registrar account of the Gigya and changed the Domain Name Server (DNS) of the Gigya which makes the users to redirect to the deface page of the Syrian Electronic Army. The compromising of the Gigya domain affects many US based media sites, as they also used the Gigya service. Some of the popular site that was effected by the Gigya hack includes-
CBC, CNBC, Forbes, OK magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent and The New York Times

Gigya CEO Patrick Salyer have explaind how hackers have managed to hack the Gigya, which effects more than 80 popular media sites.
At approximately 6:45 AM EST we identified sporadic failures with access to our service. An initial inquiry has revealed that there was a breach at our domain registrar that resulted in the WHOIS record of gigya.com being modified to point to a different DNS server.
That DNS server had been configured to point Gigya's CDN domain (cdn.gigya.com) to a server controlled by the hackers, where they served a file called "socialize.js" with an alert claiming that the site had been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army - Salyer wrotes.
 The hack was for short period of time as Gigya have recovered its compromised account and also restored back the changed DNS. Some users of the affected sites were redirected to an image of the group's crest set against a black background, and many of them were met with a message saying "You've been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)."

The Telegraph and The Independent have also confirm about the attack on their Twitter account and both of them confirms that non of the users data was affected.
Earlier also Syrian Electronic Army have targeted many Western Media sites that includes NewYork Times, Reuters , The Sunday Times, Forbes etc...
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