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Reuters website hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

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Today's morning official website of international news agency "Reuters" who servers news to all over the world and headquartered in Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom and a division of Thomson Reuters, have got hacked by Pro hackers group "Syrian Electronic Army".

The news of the hack came up when many of the users reports that, users are redirecting to the deface page of the hackers. When users clicks on any of the articles of the site, users were redirected to the hackers deface page. Later on Syrian electronic Army have also confirmed about the hack via there twitter accounts.
However, experts says that neither the official website nor its server have been hacked by hackers. Experts says that, Reuters site is managed by the third party ads provider Taboola, and it was by Taboola ads that Reuters users were redirected to hackers deface page.

Users who have uses or enabled adblock on their browser were not redirected. In other words, hackers have managed to breach the system of the ads panel of the Taboola and injected a malicious redirecting code into the ads that makes the users to redirect the hackers page.

Till yet, neither Taboola nor Reuters have confirmed about the hack incident, and will waiting for any updates from both of them.

Reason for targeting Reuter was the same as like other. On the deface page hackers have wrote a message says-
Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
Stop publishing fake reports and false articles about Syria!
UK government is supporting the terrorists in Syria to destroy it, Stop spreading its propaganda.
We have already noted that this is not the first time that SEA hackers have targeted western media site. Earlier also they have targeted New york times,  Forbes, CNN etc... Along with this SEA hackers have targeted number of top reputed organisation sites and online accounts. Recently SEA hackers have hacked The Sunday Times and The Sun's website
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