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Syrian Electronic Army hacks The Sunday Times and The Sun's website

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Syrian Electronic Army , The Sunday Times and The Sun's website
After a long time, a Pro hackers group "Syrian Electronic Army" struck back with their hack. After hacking numbers of the online accounts and websites of high profiled organisation, SEA hackers have once again show their presence in cyber world.

This time Syrian Electronic Army have hacked and deface two of the UK's prominent news agencies " TheSundayTImes" and "TheSun"  websites. Today both the news website is showing the deface page with the message -
Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army Stop publishing fake reports and false articles about Syria!UK government is supporting the terrorists in Syria to destroy it, stop spreading its propaganda.

The hack news came out when SEA hackers have taken the initiative of the hack and tweet about the hack.

Both the site were recovered now as after the hack claimed.  This is not the first time that SEA hackers have targeted western media sites. Earlier also they have targeted high profile media organisations, including The New York Times, Forbes and CNN.

How hackers have managed to hack the site is not been clear yet, but we have contacted to SEA hacker and will update this post as we get updates. So stay tune for latest updates.
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