Google Indonesia hacked and Deface by Team Madleets

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Remember Team Madleets ? Popular hackers group of Pakistan, and its member online alias 'Leet'? They were same hackers group who was on the headlines of online media for there hack and deface of the high profile domains.

They were back again, with there hack and deface and continues with hacking high profiles domains. Once again this time they have hacked and defaced Google domain and this time they targeted Google Indonesia Domains (

Today early morning (IST) they [Team Madleets] have hacked defaced the Google Indonesian domains. Domain was showing defaced for long time but now it was recovered and working fine. This time also hacker have used the same technique - DNS Hijacking, to hack Google domains. Hackers have hacked the Google Indonesian domain registrar and changed the DNS records of Google domains with their own DNS.

DNS Hijacking  is an unauthorized modification of a Domain Name Server (DNS) server or change of DNS address that directs users attempting to access a web page to a different web page. Attacker can redirect users of a specific website to a malicious or other web page.

Madleets Hackers had used the same method to hijack other google domains. With this hacker (online alias) Leet, had hacked several Google domains, Microsoft, Yahoo, Dailymail domains and number of high profiled sites. Moreover, last year Leet had hacked the largest number of several NIC servers that includes NIC domain of India, Seychelles, NIC Turks and Caicos Islands and NIC British Virgin Islands, 
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