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More Indian NIC domains hacked by Leet hacker

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Once again Popular hacker "LEET" from Pakistan have again show its presence into the cyber world. This time hacker who is from Team Madleets, have hacked the Indian NIC server once again.

Hacker have hacked and deface more then 15 high profiled site of India, which includes .NIC and .GOV domains. After looking close to the hacked domains we found that, most of the domains are on same server.

At the time of writing all the domains have been taken down. You all can check the list of hacked site and also mirror of the hack on Zone-h.

On the Facebook page hackers have posted all the hacked domains with a message, which follows
NIC India STAMPED by TeaM MaDLeeTs Nothing related to cyber war or anything like that Security is just an illusion
Hackers also mention that they have more then 100+ NIC domains in there hand which includes the domains of CENTRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (CBI) Bank Case Information System + .NIC.IN Sub-Domain Registry.

Leet, is the same hacker who have hacked more then 100 of high profiled sites in last 2013. More in that he has hacked Google domain of Malaysia, Albania, Kenya and Burundi. Along with this he is the only hacker who have hacked higest number of NIC domains of countries. 

1 comment

  1. Except one site in the list....are staged on temporary locations probably waiting to be audited.

    Why waste efforts and energy ..... do something more constructive
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