NIC Turks and Caicos Islands and NIC British Virgin Islands Hacked by 1337 & r00x

NIC Turks and Caicos Islands and NIC British Virgin Islands Stamped by 1337 & r00x, hacked by leet, defaced by pakistani hacker, NIC server hacked by leet, Google malaysia hacked by leet, Madleet hacking group
Once again a Pakistani popular hacker "L33T" from Madleets hacking group have once again hit the cyber space with its hacking. Earlier L33T have hacked number of NIC servers and left his name on the news over the internet for hacking Google Malaysia domain. Same hacker once again hacked another two NIC domains of Turks and British Virgin.
At the time writing, both the domains is still showing the deface page. On the deface page hackers just wrote a simple message stating
Turks and Caicos Islands / British Virgin Islands STAMPED by TeaM MaDLeeTs
# Just a Security reminder :)
My the message on the deface page showing that, hackers have just try to make people remember of his old hacks.

You can check the hacked sites and mirrors here.

After testing to the  hack, I have seen that hackers may have compromised the vulnerability on the WHMCS, the zeroday vulnerability on version 5.2. As I have seen that, both the NIC domains is hosted on the same host. I have reported to the issue to the team, hope they will fixed it soon.