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Alleged Windows 9 Screenshot Leaked shows new Start Menu

Alleged Windows 9 Screenshot Leaked shows new Start Menu, Windows 9 screenshots leaked, Windows 9 look leaks, leaks of Windows 9
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It is confirmed that Microsoft is working with the next upcoming version of the Windows operating system, which may be Windows 9. And in the coming version of Windows, Microsoft will have some new features and looks for it. It is been rumor that Microsoft is giving a UI flat design and Metro style in Start Menu.

According to the recent leaks screenshots of the latest windows developing version which shows build Windows 8.1 pro, which may be Windows 9 can be release next year.

The leak Screenshots confirm about the metro style of the Start menu, and operating system have flat UI designed. It is being says that one new feature that Microsoft could be implementing could be Cortana which would see the Windows Phone voice assistant brought onto PCs.

Microsoft is expected to release latest Windows "Threshold" in early 2015, alongside improvements to the Xbox One operating system and a combined version of Windows Phone and Windows RT. The combination of Windows RT and Windows Phone will finally drop the desktop mode, and focus on "Metro-style" apps over traditional x86 desktop applications.

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