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Leaked image revealed Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 preview to release in 2015

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A new leaked images by the Chinese leaker reveals some of the points directing to the next version of Microsoft Windows 9. As Microsoft is already working on the update of its windows phone operating system version 8.1, a new version of OS is expected to come by 2015.

According to a leaked official document posted by Myce, Microsoft is planning preview releases for both Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 in Q2 or Q3 of 2015. If the document is to believed, the final release of Windows Phone 9 will be made by end of the next year. Windows 9 Preview version is expected to be available around the same time. It's notable earlier rumours had hinted the Windows 9 release in April at the next Microsoft Build Developers’ Conference. The new leaked document corroborates those rumours.

According to leaked image its is being said that, Microsoft will bring a slightly changes on its UI design, Windows Defender, One Drive and with the Windows activation process. With these changes Microsoft can also major update as introduce the  Cortana in Windows 9 version. 

At the mean time it is not been cleared at the hardware requirements for the Windows 9 as last time Windows 8 makes the hardware to update. Right now it's not known whether the Windows Phone 9 will support the current high-end WP devices. Earlier, Microsoft had rolled out Windows Phone 8 with new devices, while none of then WP 7 devices were updated to the new version.
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