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Microsoft reportedly planning Windows 9 release in April 2015

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Rumors of the next version of windows is circling the web now. It beings says that, the next major version of Windows will have code name "Threshold".  Paul Thurott, have point out some of the lights on its updates and revealed further details on next version of windows.

"Threshold" is reported bring number of changes and some major updates too, such as return of Start button, making some changes on Windows phone and Windows RT. The company is also working on delivering single app store for Xbox, Windows phone and Windows. Thurott, also mention that, "Threshold" will be titled as Windows 9.

Its true that, Windows 8 have failed to gain popularity as compare to earlier version of the windows. With the new look and designed platform, users have not get into its family. After Windows 8, Microsoft also reveled its updates as Windows 8.1, which is also available for free. Company have not seen more than 25 millions of PCs install the updates, Thurott say's.

Most like, Microsoft will release a preview of an upcoming version of Windows at its BUILD conference, which is going to held on April of this Year. Thurott, believes that, instead of  previewing a full new version Windows, update will be labeled as "Windows 8.1 Update 1".

Thurott, mention that Windows next version (Windows 9) will be delivering till April 2015, which will have the major changes as like, develop a Modern UI interface.

If Microsoft, will release Windows 9 this year, then company have to give whole new look and design.

New Windows 8.1 Update 1 Screenshot Leaked

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