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Some Looks of upcoming Window 9

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As I have already says that Microsoft is working on the new version of Windows i.e. "Windows 9". Recently I have posted that the upgrade version of Windows 8 has been leaked over the internet, which was having the build version of 9364, where as Windows 8 build version is 9200.
It is confirmed that Microsoft will going to launched Windows 9 till the end of 2014. Its beta testing  version is going to come on January 2014 and the final version of the Windows 9 will be going to launch till November 2014.
Here I have some screenshots of Windows 9 features that what looks like.

File Explorer of Windows 9

File Explorer of Windows 9
The File Explorer concepts and design will be something different from the Windows 8. On windows 9 it is expected to come with plenty of improvements, some of which are also supposed to make the interface a bit more appealing. Microsoft is tightly working hard on the designing of the Windows 9.

Personalization Screen of Windows 9

Personalization Screen of Windows 9
Microsoft is continuously working on Windows 9, improving its designing, performance and so on. Developer also be aimed at the personalization options offered to users. Personalization screen of the Metro UI, a customization feature that would allow users to change the Windows themes. So the above images shows the look of Personalization Screen of Windows 9

Control Panel looks of Windows 9

Control Panel looks of Windows 9
As we have seen that there not much difference between the Control panel of Windows 7 and Windows 8, they are more or less same. But this time Microsoft is going to change the whole look Control Panel interface. This is awesome and a gorgeous look that have been designed by the designer. As I already mention designer are working much harder on the look of Windows 9. 


  1. it lukz gr8.. can b cold coooooolllllll... bt wat bot itz h/w req..?? i tink itz wat mor matters... 4 @least midle clas pple.... anyway gud job u'd done.. thankz.. keep updatin postz lik dis.. :)
  2. Thanks for your valuable comment, and ya hardware is also be the imp part of it... soon it will also going to be announced..
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