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French TV network TV5MONDE Hacked by Pro-ISIS Hackers

TV5MONDE Hacked, Pro-ISIS Hackers , French TV network hacked
Pro-ISIS hackers have managed to take a French TV network off air, and hijack its website and Facebook page. Hackers belonging to the Cyber Caliphate hacking crew was behind the attack.

TV5Monde is a global television network, broadcasting several channels of French language programming. 11 channels belonging to the French-language TV network, which broadcasts to more than 200 countries worldwide, stopped transmitting programmes after this powerful cyber attacks.

The TV network’s director general, Yves Bigot, it might take days for the station to recover:
“We are no longer able to broadcast any of our channels. Our websites and social media sites are no longer under our control and are all displaying claims of responsibility by Islamic State.”
The group sustain to be a wing of the ISIS group, and this is not the first attack by this group. Last months the hackers belonging the same team took over the social media account of the US Central Command, the Twitter accounts of Newsweek and the International Business Times.
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The hackers defaced the TV5Monde website with their logo, the attackers posted on the Facebook page of the broadcaster copies of ID cards allegedly belonging to French soldiers involved in operations against the ISIS. The hackers also wrote: “The CyberCaliphate continues its cyberjihadagainst the enemies of Islamic State,”.

Currently, the French intelligence agency, the ANSSI, and law enforcement are investigating on the cyber attack and are helping the TV5Monde broadcaster to restore services.

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