Nigeria Internet Registration Association Hacked by Leet

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A popular hacker with the online handle "Leet" from the Pakistan hackers group "Team Madleets" is being over the news headlines of the cyber world last year. And once again he had hit back the cyber world with its hack.

This time he had hacked and defaced the official site of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association .NG Domain Registry. Hacker had not defaced the homepage of the site, rather he had put his deface page on the root directory of the site (

Nigeria Internet Registration Association ( is a site responsible for providing all the high profiles of local countries' domains for firms like Amazon, Microsoft, Godaddy, and so on.

On the official Facebook page of Madleets, the hacker claims that All Nigeria Internet Registration Association I.P addresses are in his hand (IP range- -, but he had not defaced the other sited hosted on the server. After seeing the IP in detail, the information says that the hacker has edited some of the information of the domain (

Leet was the same hacker who hacked a number of highly profiled sites including sites of Google, Microsoft, AVG, etc. Along with this, he is the only hacker who has hacked the highest number of.NIC domains. Lastly, he had also hacked one of the subdomains of Daily Mail.

This is not the first time he had hacked any Domain registrar, earlier also he hacked a number of countries' domain registrars such as the Montenegro Domain Registrar
Hacked Site :- :-
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