Hacker Claims to removed Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Cover Photo

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Mark Zuckerberg Hacked
This is another big story comes out today that, Egyptian Hacker with nickname 'Dr.FarFar', claimed that he has hacked the Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Profile and removed the Cover Photo using a private exploit, reported by THN.

At the mean time after checking the Mark Zuckerberg profile, we can see that, Zuck Timeline Cover Photo is removed.

THN have reported that, they have got a mail which stats that hackers have used his private exploit and hacked Zurckerberg's Facebook profile.

Hackers haven't share the details information with THN, about the vulnerability or about the exploit. May this be the some kind of fraud, as Mark have removed his Facebook Cover Photo, and hacker is trying to take the responsibility of this change. Or also may this be the real hack, So for the further update we have to wait

Hacker have also posted a Video demonstration on YouTube.

This is not the first time that, Mark account have been attacked, earlier also a Palestinian programmer have discovered a security loop holes on the Facebook security that can allowed him to write a post on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's personal timeline without his permission.

Facebook refused this bug and later on it was accepted, but researcher didn't get any kind of reward from Facebook as a Bounty Program.

Later on, Crowdsourced  researcher group have donated a Sum of amount to appreciate his great discovery.