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Hacker Posts Facebook Vulnerability Report on Zuckerberg’s Wall

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Palestinian security researchers discovered a Privacy vulnerability on Facebook.  The researcher name Khalil reported the vulnerability to the Facebook security team stating that "any person on Facebook can post on anyone’s wall, even on the walls of the people that are not added into their friend list". But unfortunately, the Facebook security team didn't approve the bugs.

After getting disappointing mail from the Facebook Security team, Khalil have to explain d all the procedure for the Bugs and described how it is harmful. He made a post to the Mark Zuckerberg Profiles stating the bugs.

In the personal blog post, Khali describes the bugs and also shows their effects. He also recorded a video of the Bugs, after getting a disappointing response from the Facebook security team. Khalil took the link of Zuckerberg's college friend with a post made to his wall, to show the proof of the Bug. 

After receiving the Full details of the bug, Facebook shut down Khalil's account and rushed to fix the vulnerability. After patching the bug, the Facebook team restored Khalil's account back. However, he didn't get any kind of bug bounty reward, due to violating the policy of Facebook bug bounty.
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