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Zuckerberg timeline hacker’s Facebook account hacked

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It is being seen that, last week ago  Palestinian security researcher Khalil Shreateh who have hacked the Mark Zuckerberg facebook account to proves his bug reports, has got his own account hacked.
After the reporting the bug on the Facebook Khalil didn't got any reward from the facebook team, but later on open security researcher team have donated as a reward for his work.

Today on his timeline a post was made 
“I'm not a hacker , I just want to warn Mr Khalil ! He will recover his account soon ... I'm sorry everybody.”
After getting the confirmation, Khalil stats that his account was hijacked, hackers use the brute-force method to hijack the accounts.  Khalil says that, from 2 weeks earlier hacker have started brute-forcing his mail account that was associated with his Facebook accounts and today hackers got success.
He also mention that,
i was not able to recover it through my mobile as facebook limited recovering sms , every day i got recovered password to my email and my mobile asking me to recover my facebook account , all hacker on the word want to hack my account , even they always know that i can recover it.
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