Pakistani Leading Newspaper “Daily Post International” Hacked By Afghan Hackers

One of Pakistan’s leading newspapers official website of the Daily Post International ( has been hacked and defaced by the Afghan Cyber Army.

A weeks ago Afghan hackers have hacked numbers of pakistan websites, and once again this hack was of the same reason.
On the deface page hackers left the same message as it was on the earlier hack, stating 
"This hack is a response to the rocket attacks of Pakistan military on Kunar and Jalalabad Provinces of Afghanistan! Next time wait for...bigger damage,
We will not let any torture and overtaking on our land unanswered. Remember WE ARE AFGHANS, WE DO NOT FORGET, WE DO NOT FORGIVE!
Rest in peace the Heroes of Afghanistan we will never forgot your Sacrifice and we never will let porkies and this world forget it too.."

At the time  of writing also the website was defaced, you can check the mirror here  of the deface.

It  is being noticed that, Pakistan will have to suffer from massive cyber attack, as Afghan hackers are on the way and Indian hackers also targeting the Pakistan servers and websites. 

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