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As we all know that Google is the most popular search engine and Google also have a challenging competitors as Bing, a Microsoft product.
Google regularly introducing its products for serving best to its users. Google search engine also been advanced and introduce many of the new features to it.
Recently as I wrote that Google is testing new look for image search. This is quite impressive and looks awesome.

Same as its competitors is also getting advanced. Bing is also developing regularly. It seems that Bing have improve the search results time, and also fitter the search results query quite enough.
Microsoft keeps trying  to promote its Bing search engine. For this Microsoft had made a short video showing it is better then Google.

Anything You Can Do with Bing - Video

This time Bing have really introduce a awesome things to its user, showing again that it is better then Google search engine.

Bing is going to introduce built-in rollover video preview.  This feature helps the users to watch the video preview in thumbnails without even click on the link.
For this also Microsoft have published the short video that show the awesome Preview effects of the rollover video preview.

Built-in rollover video preview

After watching this video you also get how the inbuilt rollover video features will work. This is quite awesome to that users who have the problem in watching the videos with the slow internet connection. Earlier I have post how you can watch videos in slow internet connection also read that also.

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  1. Unknown
    You think rollover video is a GOOD feature? I find it obnoxious. I don't want to have to think about where my mouse is. I don't want random video playing in search.
  2. Unknown
    That depends on all users view.. as like you have