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How Google works

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As My previous post on How search engine works?
After that I told to write on How GOOGLE works ?
So This post is for that..

Here we will know How GOOGLE works ?

As we all know that GOOGLE is the worlds most popular Search engine on our planet Earth. All Most, all user use to search any query or any stuff on the internet.

Google began in March 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Ph.D. students at Stanford, California, U.S.        
●The term "Google" was originally "Googol", A term meaning the number "1" followed by 100 zeros, created by prominent mathematician Edward kasner.

Google search engine is a web search owned by Goolge Inc. and is the most used search engine on the web.

How it works.?
  Firstly when users enter search query on the google search box, and after pressing enter OR clicking on the search option. The query goes to Google Web Server

  The web server sends the query to the index servers. The content inside the index servers is  similar to the index in the back of a book. It tell which pages contain the words that match any particular query term.

  The query travels to the doc servers, which actually retrieve the strored documents. Snippers are generated to describe each search results.

  The Search results are returned to the user in a fraction of a second.

● Search engines gather the information and the number of web pages from internet with the help of                 small software known as "Spiders or Google Bot"

●Google store the complete content of a web page which is known as Cache, whereas other search engines stores only keywords.
●Google allows upto 32 words to enter in the query box.

Hope you Understand How GOOGLE works ? by this brief discription.

Comment you feedback on this.

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