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Google new service- Google Keep

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"Google" on of the world's top search engine that everyone knows that. There are many services that Google are providing. G-mail  Google plus, Google Drive, play store, Google maps, and so on there are many.
This time once again Google introduce a new services to its users. This Service is known as "Google Keep". Google have started "Google Keep" to give the competition to the "Ever-note". On
Google Keep users can make a online note and also organise them. Google have integrated this new service with Google Drive. Additionally, users can visit Google keep from its mobile phones also.
On Google Keep, users can make notes as well they can create list also. Apart from this user can attach picture with their notes also. Users can check the check box and make them under checked list also. Users can also color each notes with different color, which make them convenient to search. With this user also add its voice with the notes.
This time Google keep is available for Android devices only. And  it will works only on Android 4.0.3 or its higher version.

Video Of Google Keep

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