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Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Users Report Sudden Logout, Cannot Login Back

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Facebook, Instagram, Messenger users report sudden log out, cannot log back in

Update (10:10 PM IST): Facebook is Back Online, but YouTube and Discord are now down.

After an hour of downtime, Facebook finally got back online. 

Cyber Kendra Team confirms the service getting back to normal as we can now log in on Facebook. 

In a major service disruption, users worldwide reported being unexpectedly logged out of their Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger accounts on Tuesday evening. The incident, which began around 9:00 PM IST, left countless users unable to access their accounts across various devices and platforms.

Numerous users started reporting the issue regarding the sudden logout of their account 

"Facebook just logged me out from my phone, my PC while I was working. I tried to log back in but it didn't allow it,"

Downdetector, a popular outage tracking service, confirmed the global nature of the issue, with a significant spike in reported problems across all three platforms. 

"Both mobile and Website are logged out and I can't change my password. I thought I got hacked," another user reported, highlighting the widespread concern among users.

Cyber Kendra team have checked the above statement and found that users can't reset their passwords, nor they can log in to their accounts.

At the time of writing, the Meta Service Status page also shows the issue at the Meta Admin Center, Facebook login WhatsApp Business API and Marketing API.

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger users report sudden log out, cannot log back in
Facebook Login Status shows major disruptions

"We are aware of an issue impacting Facebook Login. Our engineering teams are actively looking to resolve the issue as quickly as possible."

Andy Stone of Meta, also acknowledges the issue 

As the outage continues, millions of users worldwide are left without access to essential communication and social networking services, potentially disrupting personal and professional activities. Tech experts and industry analysts are closely monitoring the situation, eagerly awaiting further information from Meta regarding the root cause and expected resolution timeline.

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