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Discord and YouTube are Down too for Some Users

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Discord and YouTube is Down

Discord, the popular chat and voice platform for gamers and communities, is experiencing service disruptions for many users today. The outage comes amid widespread issues impacting other major internet services like Instagram, Facebook, and Threads.

According to Discord's status page, the company identified an internal rate-limiting issue and is working to bypass it to allow pending sessions to start. Third-party outage monitoring service DownDetector showed a spike in Discord issues starting around 09:25 PM IST.

Users have reported problems loading messages or being unable to access Discord entirely. With Discord's real-time communication capabilities, the outage is frustrating many who rely on it to coordinate gaming sessions, connect with online communities, or collaborate remotely.

YouTube also Down

YouTube also acknowledges some users are having trouble loading videos on the platform.

In the community post, Nikki from the YouTube team wrote -

We've seen reports of loading issues with YouTube, rest assured we're working on a fix now! Here's what you might be seeing:

  • Empty Homepage and error message
  • Spinning wheel while scrolling on Shorts
  • Hitting a dead end while scrolling on Shorts

Let us know if you're experiencing any other types of issues, we'll provide updates here as soon as we have them.

The simultaneous problems across multiple major platforms have raised suspicions about potential broader issues or even coordinated attacks, especially given the timing of Super Tuesday as several states hold primaries. However, no evidence has emerged of foul play, and tech giants often experience temporary service hiccups.

While the root causes remain unclear, the Discord, Youtube and Meta services outage highlights society's increasing dependence on a handful of internet services for essential online activities and communications. 

As investigations continue into the issues, users anxiously await the restoration of the vital chat platform many have incorporated into their daily digital lives.

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