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Conti's Ransomware Source Code Leaked and Member Doxed

Conti ransomware source code leaked.

Conti Source Code

In the last couple of days, A member of the Conti ransomware group, believed to be Ukrainian of origin was sharing (leaking) tonnes of data related to the Conti Ransomware group including, members' chats, tools & scripts, details of hacked server, and organization name, and many more. 

Just now the same member with the Twitter handle @ContiLeaks has published the Conti source code but without a locker source file. This is because if the source code goes in the wrong hand then it may get misused. 

On this leak, today ContiLeaks have also doxed one of the members of the Conti Ransomware group. Member name was Sergei Loguntsov with an alias name "begemot", along with the GitHub profile link.

Conti Ransomware member

Other than this, ContiLeaks have published trickbot command dispatcher backend, trickbot data collector backend, Conti storage server list, and many more. 

You can check more ongoing leaks and updates on cyberwar on Cyber War – Russia vs Ukraine And Conti Ransomware Group Leaks post.

Update 2nd March:

Today again, Conti Leaks have leaked another batch of Jabber logs from the Conti ransomware group. It seems that he still has the access to the chats.

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