Why Your Business Needs A Great DBaaS Provider

Know why Your Business Needs Database
Information has value. Some companies only exist to gather information about consumers and their habits. Other companies are all about analyzing data and pointing out trends. Every business uses data in one way or another, whether it is an online store keeping a contact list for clients or a windmill farm analyzing wind speeds for new placement.
Especially as the amount of data grows, databases and database management become essential to effective business.

What is a Database?
A database is a simply a large collection of digital data. It may include structured data that is ordered and indexed, similar to maintaining a large spreadsheet. It may be a gathering of unstructured data such as documents, pictures, and other pieces of information which can be analyzed by data mining software. Today we often hear about databases when there has been a data breach, someone gaining unauthorized access to that valuable data resource.

How is a Database Used?
Databases have various applications in business, science, and education. The use of a database will depend on the needs of the user as well as the size of the data.
  • Data Storage: Especially with structured data, a database acts as a large data storage unit. Client information can be quickly accessed by everyone in a business. Many small businesses store their data in a central database, where data is kept on a local server accessible to employees. 
  • Data Security: One of the advantages to a database is increased safety for data. Businesses with larger amounts of data, multiple branches, or more sensitive data may store it in a distributed database, where data is kept on servers at several locations. Using a cloud-based database is growing in popularity. If data is lost due to unforeseen circumstances, a copy can be accessed at another location. 
  • Data Analysis: Data can be analyzed to discover relationships and trends. An online store can keep track of consumer habits, pairing those habits with age and location. A farmer can look at how weather data relates to crop yield on a parcel of land. Powerful tools for data analysis continue to develop across the industry.
What is DBaaS?
Database as a Service, or DBaaS, is a growing trend in cloud database work. In this model, an outside company owns and maintains the database, giving access to clients who pay to use its services.

The DBaaS model has several advantages. Smaller clients can have access to the computing and analyzing power of a large database without having to purchase the hardware or hire specialized staff. Because it is cloud based, these clients will also be able to access the advantages of a distributed database.

The database provider can focus its efforts on the work of data science and data analysis. They also take responsibility for the maintenance and security of data, hiring and training professionals to handle these important tasks.

Who are some current DBaaS providers?
Many of the biggest names in the DBaaS world are familiar names in the technology market. Some are more focused on general data storage while other emphasize the analysis of unstructured data. The decision for the client will be based on factors such as ease of use, type of data, and size of data. Here are some of the best-known providers in the DBaaS market.MongoDB Atlas
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Big Query
  • Amazon Relation Database
  • IBM Db2
It is a data-driven world. Every business should consider moving forward with a great DBaaS provider.
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