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Check FIFA World Cup 2018 Scores in your Linux Terminal ⚽

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup is well underway and you’re probably obsessively refreshing your favorite website to get all the latest fixtures and results. There are many users who are still watching live stream or checking updates on google or other sites. But What for Linux Football Fans??
Never fear: Open Source is here!
As always Linux users never face sadness while using Linux. There will a some way they can also join or enjoy every moment.

So same as for this FIFA World Cup 2018, Linux users can also enjoy all the match updates right from there Terminal. ⚽⚽  Yes, this is right. You can get all the updates from your terminal whitour leaving your system.

Here I will show to Three ways by which you can get all the live updates of FIFA World Cup 2018, Team list, Score Table,and many more..

 1. Football Cli -: football-cli is developed in JavaScript and written by Manraj Singh. It’s open source software, published under the MIT license. Installation is trivial with npm (the package manager for JavaScript), so let’s get straight into the action.
The utility offers commands that give scores of past and live fixtures, see upcoming and past fixtures of a league and team. It also displays standings of a particular league.
You can get the Football Cli tool from Github, and to check the scores simply type
$ football scores on your terminal. Same as if you want to check the standing of the team then here is a command for that
$ football standings -l WC

2. WC18-cli -: WC18-cli is another tool get all the updates of World Cup 2018 within your terminal. This is simple python based CLI tool, and much easier to use. With WC18-cli you will get all the latest updates about the matches of Word Cup 2018, countries details and also with group tables. Wc18-cli is available to install on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other compatible systems using Python Pip.
Comamnd to install pip is  : -  $ pip install wc18-cli
And to install WC18-cli is follows
$ git clone
$ cd wc18-cli
$ python install

3. Wowcup :- If you ask me, I would say this tool deserve this name. As like its name its works and results is also WOW.. This is my most favorite tool to get all the live updates of World Cup 2018.  Wowcup lets you fetch the latest fixtures and standings. Its design is inspired by the CLI basketball app NBA Go.

Wowcup is setup on NPM so before runing Wowcup make sure you have install NMP. You can install NPM simply by following command - apt install npm

For installing wowcup type following command on your terminal -
$ pip install wc18-cli
Later on You can pass the following coomand to get all the details of the World Cup 2018.
wowcup fixtures
wowcup fixtures --last
wowcup fixtures --playing
wowcup fixtures --next 

So Guys hope like this post, and I recommend you to go with the 3rd option as wowcup provides live details of the matches.

If you like our post or want to give a suggestion or like to point out other ways (which you are using) please comment below so that other can also know.
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