[Video] How Bitcoins were Stole from Mt.Gox

Remembered in 2014, one of the biggest BTC exchanges "Mt. Gox" had been hacked and all its bitcoins were stolen hackers have also leaked its whole source code. Along with the source code, its internal data and customer data have also been leaked. 

In July, WizSec posted an excellent analysis of what happened with Mt.Gox. Not only that Russian mastermind Alexander Vinnik of BTC-e had been arrested in the laundering scheme of Mt.Gox bitcoins. 

Last week, Kim Nilsson from WizSec gave a nice presentation report this year at "Breaking Bitcoin" which shows how they have analyzed the hacking incident and gather much information on Mt.Gox bitcoins with the title - 'Cracking MtGox'.

This was a great presentation, and I do like his report. You should also have a look at this video.

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