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Mt. Gox Source Code Leaked By Hackers Along With Team Information, Customer Data

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As we have reported that world largest Bitcoin exchange firm "Mt.Gox' is going to be insolvent and had disappear suddenly from the web. There are some sources that claiming that Mt.Gox have been suffered from the hack, in which company have faced huge loss.

Yesterday, Mt.Gox have confirmed that there system have been breached, and confirms approximately 750,000 Bitcoins deposited by users and about 100,000 Bitcoins belong to Mt. Gox had disappeared in February.

Today TechCrunch reported that, a Russian hacker called nanashi_ have leaked the source code of the Mt.Gox on the pastebin. It alleges to contain the 1,700-line source code for Mt. Gox’s electronic exchange. Its being says that CEO Mark Karpeles AKA MagicaTux wrote some of the code.

Along with this hackers also claims that, he have dumped about 20GB of the data from the site, which includes customer data, employees data of Mt.Gox . You can check full leaked data here

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