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Facebook Bounty: India again holds the Top position

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Almost every time, when a person heard about 'Hackers' they get a negative meaning for hackers as people think that they always do bad activities like of cyber crime. But this is not so true, as there are some who hack and use their knowledge  to help others and for the benefits of all community, and they are White Hat Hackers, or Security Researcher.

With the launch of the bug bounty programs under which hackers and researcher get rewards for their research and bug finding. Additionally, they get the acknowledge their name on the hall-of-fame page of the companies site. Currently there are more than 100 companies who are running bug bounty programs and they itself get benefit via bounty programs.

Social networking giants 'Facebook' have just shared their experience and highlights of their bounty rewards. On the post, Facebook security Engineer Collin Greene, wrote that they had a great experience last year 2014 with a security community under bounty programs. They mentioned that they got many new things to learn from the security community.

With the bounty programs, Facebook had been benefitted a lot. In response to this Facebook share some of the  highlights from the past year, which follows-
  • Submissions increased by 16% to 17,011. We are happy to see that the program is continuing to produce high-quality reports — 61 of last year's eligible bugs were categorized as high severity, 49% more than the previous year.
  • We've paid out more than $3 million since we got started in 2011, and in 2014, we paid $1.3 million to 321 researchers across the globe. The average reward in 2014 was $1,788.
  • 65 countries received rewards this year, representing a 12% increase from 2013. We now have 123 countries reporting bugs.
If it is categories in countries wise then, India is at the top of the list with the largest number of valid bugs, 196 last year with an average reward of $1,343. Egypt and the USA were second and third by volume, with 81 bugs and 61 bugs, respectively, and average rewards of $1,220 and $2,470. In fourth, the UK also earned the highest amount per report in 2014, receiving an average of $2,768 for 28 bugs. The Philippines was fifth, earning a total of $29,500 for 27 bugs.

Last time also, Facebook reported that India is the Top country to report the bug to the company under the bug bounty program. Regarding this year 2015, Facebook noted that they had already received more than 100 valid reports since the start of the new year.

I wish all my hackers and researcher friends a hearty congratulation for this Achievement, and Thanks you all for making our Nation Proud.
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