Microsoft Send Windows 9 Preview to its Partner

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Continuous rumor was going on for the Microsoft next version windows, which was called as Threshold, Simple Windows or Windows 9. But Microsoft finally breaks the news for the upcoming Windows version. In an event later this month on 30 September Microsoft may released the preview version of Windows 9. 

Currently report says that Microsoft have distributed the preview version Windows 9 to its partners fro testing purpose and also some given out count of beta version to some of its trusted users which are generally companies trusted media.

Microsoft has however made a confidentiality agreements to make sure that no embargos are broken and no screenshots, videos, or information reaches the web before the public unveiling later this month.

But there are many screenshots, video previews and some of the updates had been already leaked, which shows many features which is introducing on windows 9 and some major updates also.

Many Features are Locked

It appears that many of the features of the current Windows 9 which has been send out testing purpose are completely packed. Microsoft have locked many features of the Windows 9 and make it confidential. As Microsoft have gave some of the copies of the Windows 9 to its partner but have putted some of the limitations to it.

Company may removes these limitation on the official launch day - 30 September. It is not clear that which and how many features have been locked by Microsoft but the news of introducing Cortana in windows 9 have surely disabled.

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