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Microsoft Encrypted its Service and opened Transparency Center

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Last year, Microsoft have promised to give more protection to its users data and increase the security of its customer's data. So for completing the promise, yesterday Microsoft have announced better way to increase the security of its users data. For this Microsoft have implemented advanced encryption and transparency efforts.

What Microsoft Announced?
Firstly, Microsoft have introduce Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption on its emails service 'Outlook'. Company's have implemented the encryption for both outbound and inbound of the emails. Means when the users Sends and receive the emails, the whole transmission process will be encrypted. This works only when both emails service provider will support TLS.

 Same type of service is been firstly announced by Google for Gmail and later on by Yahoo for Yahoo mail.

Company says that team has been working from last six months for protection of users mails. For this Microsoft team had worked with several international email service providers, including, Deutsche Telekom, Yandex and Mail.Ru to test and help ensure that mail stays encrypted in transit to and from each email service.

Secondly they have introduced Perfect Forward Secrecy(PFS) encryption to its cloud storage service 'OneDrive'. OneDrive customers now automatically get forward secrecy when accessing OneDrive through, or mobile OneDrive application. As with’s email transfer, this makes it more difficult for attackers to decrypt connections between their systems and OneDrive.
Perfect Forward Secrecy is an encryption technique that uses randomly generated encryption key for each connection on a per-session basis, making it even more difficult for cyber attackers to decrypt the connections.

Third announcement is of company's first Transparency Center. Yesterday Microsoft had opened its first Transparency Center, on its Redmond campus, Wash. With this Transparency Center government can participate to analyze the source code of the Microsoft products to confirm that there are no "backdoors" and assure software integrity.

As Microsoft had previously announced a Transparency Center in Brussels, and says more centers will be announced in future. 
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