Google announced End-to-End Chrome plugin for webmail

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As Google always concerns about the users privacy and hence always tried to help its users by applying new security features on its products. A Months back Google have implemented SSL features by default for all  its Gmail users, and also added a End-To-End encryption of the emails. Same thing has again brought down by the Google, but not only for its products user but also for the users who use other email service.

Today, Google announced a new Chrome extension called End-To-End, which lets users to encrypt their mails even they are not a Gmail users. End-To-End extension is the security tool provides end-to-end encryption, data leaving your browser will be encrypted until the message’s intended recipient decrypts it, and encrypted messages sent to you will remain that way until you decrypt them in your browser.

Its a worth tool and very easy to use it. Users don’t have to be using Gmail, but will need Chrome. The extension is quite simple but its works is worth while.

Google also says that there are many tools like this but is little complicated to use for users as compare to Google End-To-End chrome extension. In a statement Google says-
While end-to-end encryption tools like PGP and GnuPG have been around for a long time, they require a great deal of technical know-how and manual effort to use. To help make this kind of encryption a bit easier, we’re releasing code for a new Chrome extension that uses OpenPGP, an open standard supported by many existing encryption tools.
At the mean time  End-To-End extension is available in testing stage so it will not be available in Chrome Web Store, but if you like to use it, you can get the extension from here.

Google haven't revealed the date of its broad launch , but Google says that it will be available in the Chrome Web Store “once we feel that the extension is ready for primetime.”

Further more another Good news is for the security researcher that, Google have also added the End-To-End extension in its bug bounty program. This means any security bug on the End-To-End extension are eligible for reward.
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