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Google paying even more for the Security Vulnerability

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As we all know that there are some companies which gives rewards for reporting a unique vulnerability on there site or on products. By these security researcher earn good amount for vulnerability disclosure  reporting.
So there is another good news for the security researcher and a bug hunter that now reward for the vulnerability on Google and its products have been increased. Google have announced on there blog post that they are offering more amount for vulnerability reporting.
I would like to inform to readers of Cyber Kendra that
Google is the first company which have started the bugs bounty program for the security researcher. After it, this was followed by the other companies too. 
Google announced that they will pay more to Cross site scripting (XSS) on the account login page, including Gmail and Google Wallet.

New rewarded is announced as
XSS on will be rewarded $7.500 (€5,660) which earlier was $3,133.7 (€2364.88).
On Gmail and Google wallet it will be rewarded as $5,000 (€3,773), as earlier was $1,337 (€1,009).  On regular site disclosure will be awarded as $3,133.7, earlier was $500 (€377.33).

Google is paying for the bugs found on the authentication bypasses and information leaks, and researcher will awarded as $7,500 (€5,660), earlier was $5,000 (€3,773).

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