Facebook Explains the Reason for Decreasing of Page reach

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Last year in December, facebook have made a changes in its algorithm and also give a new look to Facebook newsfeed. The new algorithm determines what a user sees in their Newsfeed. As Facebook is getting more and more popular and more users are connecting with Facebook, there are too much of content on the users newsfeed which make it noisy. So to prevent this shouts Facebook team have made a tweak change in the Facebook Fan Page reach.

Why the Page Reach was Down ?
Today on the blogpost Facebook explained the reason for the decline in the page reach of the Fan Page. Facebook ads product marketing lead, Brian Bolan, explains that there are two reasons for the downfall of the Page reach.
First there is too much content-

As the users are increasing and peoples shares there activity on there timeline, via web or mobile makes too much contents on the users news feeds every time they log into there account. And along with this tonnes of Fan Page have been made and Page Admins shares the post frequently which making the users news feed full of content. More and more Facebook users are becoming fans of more Pages.  So to solve this Facebook team have limited the reach of the fan page.

The news feed algorithm defines what user like to see in there news feeds, so the algorithm shows only the content relevant to there interest. So instead of showing someone the potential 1,500 posts when they log in, Facebook picks approximately 300 posts of those posts to add to their Newsfeed. That means a user sees 20 percent of what’s posted by their friends and Pages they like.

Bolan also explains the Facebook will continues to innovate. The recent change in the design of page layout is one example of there work. He mention that further more awesome and simple feature will be coming to facebook.

So if you are a page admin them you definitely searching for the reason for the downfall of the page reach. Its not a good news for you all, as the earlier algorithm may not be back.  
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