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Day by day popularity of the Facebook is getting increasing and as same new features is also coming. Recently Facebook have introduced their new features "Graph Search". It is one of the awesome features added after the timeline. I have already wrote about the Graph Search, find it here. Now Facebook is going to introduce there another new features by changing the new look of Facebook. Yes, Facebook is changing their look specially on news feed.
On 7th march Facebook will be coming with a new look to you all. After introducing the graph search on January Facebook is going to introduce new look for the news feed. This is basically for the mobile user of the site. 

Come And See the New look

All the media organisation have got a special invitation for this event by writing "Come and see the new look of the news feed".
Till now company have not disclose, how will be the look? but this is made taking on the focus of those users who use Facebook for the Advertisement and other Entertainment medium.
Mark Zuckerberg says that to display the upload photos, videos and comments, Facebook newsfeed is one of the  main features of Facebook. 
Facebook have made a big change on September 2011, by  introducing Timeline features.. Now company is focusing on the mobile users of the site. Company says that some features of facebook is visible on desktop or PC only. Mobile users can't access those features. After this features, mobile  users can also use graph search and display ads features.
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