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Developer Cloned “Flappy Bird” using Apple’s new programming language “SWIFT”

Developer Cloned “Flappy Bird” using Apple’s new programming language “SWIFT”, Download FlappySwift, Flappy Bird, free download flappybird,
FlappyBird, Free Download Flappy bird, FlappySwift, Apple Programming language Swift
Earlier last week, Apple have announced many new things on Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 as like new version of its operating system, iOS 8, Mac OS X Yosemite, and also a new programming language called Swift. Swift is designed using a syntax similar to modern languages such as Ruby, Python and Rust, which can make learning to code and picking up a project much easier.

With the help of Apple new Programming language Swift, Apple developer Nate Murray built FlappySwift  a clone of popular game Flappy Bird. The most interesting thing is that Murray have cloned the game within 4 hours with Swift.

The cloned game FlappySwift, is for iOS 8 and he has uploaded the game in GitHub. This Swift powered Flappy Bird Clone is going viral making its own way around the world wide web.

Earlier this year, developer of Flappy Bird have took down the game and removed the game from apps store, but recently news says that once again developer is working to bring back the game, also with the some additional features.

Apple launched a free iBook on how to get started with Swift , which you can view here (iTunes link), or if you want a pdf version of the book then you can download it from here.

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