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Flappy Bird is Coming To The App Store

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As earlier this year, one of the most popular game "Flappy Bird" which have been removed from the app store, due to large amount of peoples got addicted of it. Developer also mention that they are shutting down Flappy Bird as huge number of people got addicts of their game. That was the very awkward moment for all the game lovers.

But today, here is a good news that, there favorite game is coming back to app store. As on twitter a question asked to the developer of Flappy Bird about there returning plan, which answer was says as YES.

As you can see that, Nguyen haven't gave any timeline of return, and also says that it is not soon, means developer are trying something to introduce into the game. This is confirmed that won't be grounded for long time, and will return to its fans. 

So we can wait for the further updates to come from the Nguyen, a flappy bird developer. Anyways this is a great news for all the Flappy Bird lover that Nguyen left the door open for a Flappy Bird return
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