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Ubuntu Is Now Running on World's Fastest Supercomputer

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Canonical team is now building one of the popular Linux distro from desktop. With this team is also making one of  the most successful operating system for server. This is all because Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Openstack and Ubuntu’s orchestration tool, Juju, is getting involved in many of the server and computers.

In today's day the most powerful supercomputer is Tienhe2 which is located in the Guangdong province in China. According to the maker of Tienhe2, which says currently the servers sis using  Intel Xeon processors, Intel Xeon Phi co-processors and a 160Gb per second interconnect for super-fast data transfer between nodes. This record was noted since 2013.

Currently Ubuntu Open Stack is running on 256 high performance nodes and which will get increased upto 6400 nodes till the next coming months.   The nodes will be available to Government departments in Guangdong province as well as other NUDT partners for analysis, census, and eGovernment applications.

According the blog post by Ubuntu team, reads-
“Both OpenStack and Ubuntu’s orchestration tool, Juju, will run on Tianhe-2 to enable NUDT partners and affiliate to rapidly deploy and manage very high performance cloud environments”
After getting hands on the Mobile operating system and on mobile  technology, now canonical is making space in china markets also. Canonical have almost cover all desktops in china with Ubuntu Kylin. Canonical have announced Ubuntu Kylin in china at the needful time when Microsoft have announced the dead line or end of support of Windows Xp. 
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