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New ATMs should have talking machines from July- RBI

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All the ATM's that will be installed from Juli 2014 onward will have a talking machine, ordered by  Reserve Bank of India (RBI). On the note given by RBI to all the commercial banks stats that from July 2014 onwards all banks would provide audible instructions and Braille keypads into ATM's to its customers.

The RBI's directive came on its prior advice to banks in 2009 to make bank branches and ATMs accessible to people with disabilities and make at least one-third of the new ATMs installed as talking ATMs with Braille keypads.

Additionally RBI says, "Banks should lay down a road map for converting all existing ATMs as talking ATMs with Braille keypads and the same may be reviewed from time to time,".

RBI also guided  banks to make necessary arrangements to provide all existing ATMs/future ATMs with ramps so that wheel chair users/persons with disabilities can easily access them. Care may also be taken to make arrangements in such a way that the height of the ATMs do not create an impediment in their use by wheelchair users.

Along with this RBI also asked banks to provide the facilities of magnifying glasses at all bank branches for the use of persons with low vision. The branches show display a prominent notice about the availability of magnifying glasses and other facilities available for persons with disabilities.

As with this guidelines banking for the disable user or for senior citizen will get easier. This will also create a happy relation between the bank and its customers. 

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