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The Linux Foundation Making its courses worth 2,500 For Free

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This is great news to all the Linux lover, students and users who like to learn Linux, that you will getting big and a great surprise from Linux Foundation. Linux Foundation have announced that they will be providing access to an "Introduction to Linux" courses for free, whose market value price is $2,400 (Rs. 1.46 lakhs). The courses will be provided by the edx, an e-learning   website which is controled by the Harvard university and MIT.  The course is available for free to everyone with the internet connection.

According to the Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin, he says the primary objectives behind this
“advance Linux and that includes ensuring we have a talent pool of Linux professionals.”
Further more details on it, the course duration will be of 40 to 60 hours to complete and the users who have registered for the course will have complete freedom over how they want to study. Users can choose their own topic or course as they want without any need to give test or completing exams.

The most important thing is that you can opt for the exam for the courses you have completed and users will also get the certification after successfully completing the course.

The Linux foundation have noted that, there were more than 2500 registration in first 24 hours. They mention that there is no limit for the registration and everyone signup for the free campaign of the course. If the organisation found the knee to learn with Linux then The Linux Foundation will make more courses on Linux available for free via edx.

This is the great opportunity for all student and all the Linux lover. According to the Linux Jobs Report published by the Linux foundation, which stats that the demand of the Linux professional is growing. For more information on this and you can visit edx registration page
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