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Sony and Panasonic develop 300GB, 500GB, 1TB optical storage discs

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At MWC14 SanDisk have announced its 128 Gb SD card, which is the first SD card of large capacity. But that now the end, another firm, Sony and Panasonic have developed a next generation optical disc which is having the capacity of 300GB. The disk is having the same dimension as current Blueray Disc have.

As per the announcement , Disc will have layer per side and may be hit the stores till 2015. The capacity of the disc will later on expand upto 500GB and 1TB. This is big capacity that we will ever gonna get.

Panasonic representative says,
“As a type of archival media, optical discs have numerous advantages over current mainstream HDD and tape media, such as their ability to be stored for a long time while still maintaining readability,”
“We hope to develop demand for archives that use optical discs.” they added.

Both the firm will publishing the disc separately with their own brand name. The disc is basically for cloud service companies and archival services amid the explosion in online data. Disc doesn't need any kind of different environment, as it is compatible with the current environment. 

This will surely help the users who use to have big data size for backup. As we all know that it gives the good value of storage and will also longstanding. The price of the disc is not been disclosed yet, but as per its capacity it may available for $800 to $1500.
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