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SanDisk Introduced 128 GB MicroSD card - MWC 2014

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This is another big things introduce in the Mobile World Congress that, San Disk - a leading manufacturer of flash memory cards for imaging, computing, mobile, and gaming devices, have introduced a new of their products - a 128 GB of Micro SD card, whose  capacity double that of today’s cards. Now you will not have to slums with the 64 GB Micro SD cards.

This might be strange to some of you all, but thats happens at MWC 2014. San Disk had made the 128 GB in a small chip.

Its unclear that, all the device will compatible with this capacity of the SD card. This is just of Science. The firmware and operating system on older gadgets could restrict access to the full 128GB partition, but newer devices should be fine. This card have got 10 rating at MWC 2014, so it is certified for recording HD videos.

This small in size but huge in capacity chip can hit the online store by tomorrow, as larger in size will not be coming in a cheap rate, so this might be some how about $30- $100. 

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