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Anonymous Ukraine Leaked 7 million Credit Card Details online

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On Tuesday, a group of hacker with name "Anonymous Ukraine" have hacked and leaked more than 7 million  credit cards details. Security researcher working on this incident have revealed that the leak contains the accounts of about 955,579 users, and that also belongs to United States.

Hackers have published the leaked on the twitter account with the pastebin links. There were about three pastebin links, on which the first pastebin contains the 1 million credit card details and it was published on 23rd on this month. After it followed by the 2nd and 3rd part of pastebin on 25th and 27th of this month.

Currently all the pastebin have been taken down before the security researchers could lay their hands on it. But have stated the following words on the leaked pastebin-
“Today we publish the first part of our exposure of the international financial system Visa, MC, Discover & Amex, enslaved people around the world. More than 800 million credit cards. Over a trillion dollars (£600 million),”

Experts says that, the leaked credit card details contains 668,279 American Express, 3,255,663 Visa, 1,778,749 MasterCard and 362,132 Discover. The total leaks combined crosses the 7 Million mark. There were about details of 4000 users that are highly sensitive which contains data like the social security numbers, credit card numbers, card expiry data, full names, PIN, floats, dates of birth, states and zip codes.

As till now its is not been cleared that from where hackers have managed to get these amount of data. Since experts notified that the attacker might have hacked a ATM or POS system which contains such huge details. As the leaked details belongs to the users based of US, thus it may be the part of the last year data breached of Target, or may this is another big data breached on this year.

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