Microsoft's Office blog hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

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Everyone knows about the series of hacking on the Microsoft by Syrian Electronic Army. Firstly SEA hackers have hacked Skype twitter accounts and official blog, and after that hackers have continues there attack by hacking the accounts of  Xbox twitter, Microsoft news twitter, and official blog of  Microsoft.

After hacking the above accounts a week ago, Syrian Electronic Army have once again backed with there hack by targeting Microsoft. Today hackers have hacked the Official blog of the Microsoft Office blog, and continues there hack with this.

On the Twitter account hackers says, Game is not finished with Microsoft, More is to be come.
Hackers have posted the screenshot of the Administration panel of the Microsoft office blog. you can check below.

And also posted the WordPress panel of the Official Office Blogs. 

After gaining access to the blog Admin panel, hackers have posted two post stating the topic "Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army. 
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